If you're interested, let's setup a 15 minute intro call to talk about the equipment, supplies, training, operation, location procurement and financials. 


After the call, we will forward you a Question & Answer Sheet as well as a breakdown of what's involved with Owning & Operating a Hot Drink Vending Machine, so you can decide if it's right for you.

We will provide a list of common location types, such as Community Arenas/Pools, Factories & Offices, including common revenue share % of sales you should expect to pay your location every month.

We will also provide information on special service level requirements to expect for certain types of locations.  Example: Hospitals and Transit Stations have a requirement for you to visit a machine within 24 hours of an issue or empty machine, whereas a machine in a Community Arena or Pool could acceptably be offline until you're able to service on the weekend or later in the week.


If you're still interested and likely have many more questions, another call will be setup to go over your questions.  Feel free to email us a list of your questions as well.


Once you've decided you want to become a Hot Drink Vending Machine Owner & Operator, we can start working on the details.


If you already have your own location, or will find a location yourself, you'll receive a $1,000 discount on equipment.  Skip to step #11


If you require a location be included with your vending machine, we will request information about the area you're located in to determine locations you're best able to service.  


After our team has reviewed your location requirements and abilities to service, you will be presented with location types in your area that our team feels confident can be secured and you'll be able to properly service. 


If you agree with these types of locations in the areas discussed, and are ready to become a Hot Drink Vending Machine Owner & Operator, you'll be presented with;

Conditional Purchase Agreement; Lists all final equipment costs, including taxes.  Includes a condition that you will only purchase a machine if you approve a specific location to be presented to you. The purchase is canceled if you do not approve a specific location.

- Location Procurement Agreement; Details how our third party Location Procurement Service will find and secure a location that matches the area and type of locations agreed upon.

- Location Procurement $1,000 Deposit Invoice; You will be required to make a $1,000 Deposit to start the Location Negotiation Process, which includes a Location Procurement Specialist reaching out to locations in your area that match your desired location types, in order to secure a location.

After finding location options, the Location Procurement Specialist will provide you a list of specific location options for review.  You can accept or deny any location.

If the Location Procurement Specialist is unable to locate a location you approve, you will receive a full refund for your $1,000 deposit.  Only you can approve a location.

If you approve a location, your $1,000 deposit will be applied to the purchase price of your equipment, reducing your total invoice cost.

Location deposits can be paid by Debit, Credit Card, Cheque, Bank Draft or EMT.


After Agreements and Deposit is received, your Location Procurement Specialist will update you on their progress contacting your location types in your area.  This process usually takes 3-4 weeks, as several conversations with locations are usually required.  All calls or meetings will be handled for you.


You will be presented with specific locations and location details to decide if you want to place your machine at this location.

If you decline a location, we will establish a reason why and find another location which solves this problem.  

When you are happy with a location presented to you, you will approve the location and we will complete securing the location for you.


After you've approved a specific location, or have your own location, you will receive a final invoice for your equipment, which can be paid by Debit, Credit Card, Cheque, Bank Draft or EMT.

Payment in full is due at time of ordering.

Financing is also available via our third party finance provider, Equilease.

If you wish to finance your equipment, we can provide a link to automatically apply online for approval within 15 minutes. 12 to 36 Monthly Payments. Subject to Credit Approval. Interest Rates Vary Pending Credit.

You may also apply for financing approval before making a Location Procurement Deposit.


After payment or financing is complete, it generally takes 45-60 days for the manufacturer to configure and deliver your equipment to our Toronto warehouse.


Your machine will be delivered to your location and installed at no extra cost.


You will be trained on your machine and handed keys to an operating machine.  You are now a Hot Drink Vending Owner & Operator.


You will monitor and refill your machine as needed, contacting us if you need any support, advice or feedback.  Machine includes 1 year manufacturer parts and service warranty.


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